Saturday, October 9, 2010

What Do You Do?

What do you do,

When the world falls apart,

When you can’t help a friend,

Out of the breaking of their heart?


What do you do,

When you can’t help them heal,

And you can’t take away,

All the feelings they feel?


What do you do,

For the ones that you love,

When God is the only one,

That can help them rise above?


You pray and you listen,

And you try to understand,

And you leave them all,

In the palm of His hand.

    -S. G. (aka The Social Homeschooler) Copyright 2010


Lord we are all fighting a battle.  Some are struggling financially.  Some are struggling with family issues.  Some are struggling with health and other issues.  Let them all know that they are loved and help them to feel your peace.  Amen


  1. Tag.. you're it ....

  2. Thank you! ... Sometimes we forget to leave them. <3