Friday, September 17, 2010

Sharing The Homeschooling Journey . . . Together

We just started a new term of home school co-op classes, and I have to say that I enjoy them as much as my kids do.  Don’t get me wrong.  This summer was truly amazing!  Our family visited Grammy by the water.  We (well hubby and the boys) camped in the backyard.  We sat around the backyard fire pit and roasted s’mores a few times.  We went to many a family and friend party or get together, and we even visited some friends while THEY camped.  We have had so much fun!

But as much fun as it is to hang out with my family, I have truly missed the camaraderie of the other homeschooling moms, and the enjoyment of experiencing that on a regular basis.  Going back to the co-op, and the “mother’s room” was a treat.  It is so much fun seeing old faces and new, and the talks about curriculum and ideas for learning.  We laugh, we encourage, we inspire, and we truly enjoy each other.  I love these ladies as a kind of family.  There is an importance to being a part of a family, going down this road . . . together. 

There is a comfort in that at the end of the day, when you’ve told a neighbor that you are homeschooling, and you can practically hear the crickets chirping.  There is a comfort in the laughter that we have at “Moms’ Nights Out” over tea, and chocolate, and stories of the zany life of a homeschooling mom with her kids. 

Each of these ladies is precious, and each of them has earned the right to be cherished and honored, and others “in the trenches with us” . . . no matter what ;)

God Bless you on YOUR journey!

And, speaking of that, how is it going?!

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  1. I just started going to a Classical Conversions community. The only problem is that I'm teaching so I don't get all of the Mom time, but I am enjoying it anyway. I am thankful to have so many homeschooling friends at our church that I can talk to! Thank you for stopping in at my blog! :)