Saturday, September 25, 2010

My Childhood Dreams Have Grown Up

It’s a funny thing to look at the dreams of childhood in the reality of adulthood.  I had a chance to really think about where my former dreams have taken me today.  The realization was really amazing.  The goofy dreams that may have labeled me “nerdy” as a child were really the beginnings of some of the passions that I love today.


For instance, I attempted to card catalog my books as a child.  At one point I actually brought home books that were free donations in order to have more books to organize and “card catalog”.  Before now, not many people knew that, by the way.  Ok, even after this post not many people may know that . . . LOL ;)  But I digress.  So now I’m a homeschooling mom.  I’m still organizing massive amounts of books, and I have plenty of practice now.


My parents instilled in me a love for serving others, and I do that now in various ways.  I serve God first, and my family, friends, and others second.


I loved to learn, read, and train others, and now I train my children.  I am using what I have learned to help them learn what is truly important in life.


I have always loved to travel and take “mystery trips”, and now one of my biggest dreams is to travel the country in an RV.  I would love nothing more than to travel from city to city volunteering to serve churches and Christian non-profits, in exchange for a free-will offering to “keep us going”.  We home educate.  We could do that.  What, we are studying the Grand Canyon?  Let’s volunteer near it, and stop by and check it out!

Now where is that mobile income stream to buy the RV, and get started?  Guess we’ll just dream a tad more  . . . until God provides the means.  If it’s in His will, it’ll happen ;)

Blessings :)

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  1. ditto on that RV. Captivating study didn't have anytihng to do w/ this post did it? ;)