Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Call Of Apple Cider

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When the leaves change, and orchards open, it’s time to buy apple cider.  Pies, apples, donuts with cinnamon and sugar . . . they are start calling.  So we decided to go to an apple orchard as our field trip this afternoon.  We have only lived here a short time, so the question became, which orchard?   We ended up picking one with lots to see and do.

We picked the wrong one.  Have I mentioned that I’ve been having an unusually hard week?  Yeah, I have so we’ll move on.   In the past we have had some fantastic family outings at other apple orchards.  This one was grossly overpriced, confusing in it’s layout, and you literally could not do anything for free there. :(

So we went down the road to the next orchard and stopped in their store.  We bought a bag of our beloved Honeycrisp apples (1/2 peck for $2.50 less than the last place), and a gallon of apple cider.  We didn’t go on an overpriced wagon ride, or pet animals at an expensive petting zoo.  We’ll use the money that we saved for something even more fun another day.  Maybe we’ll even try another orchard before the season is over.
Sometimes that’s just the way it goes.   But in the meantime, I have a fantastic husband and kids, and a few fun photos. 

It’s a crazy, goofy life but I still love it!

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