Monday, September 20, 2010

The Beat Of Both Drum And Heart

I was listening to "Creed" by Rich Mullins tonight.  It is one of my favorite songs.  It has a way of breathing life and meaning to this important but dusty, old creed that is refreshing to me.  It is amazing to me all of the things that we commit to memory, without first committing them to heart as well. 

Sometimes songs bring to mind related thoughts that are just as important, but unrelated to the song's intended message.  Tonight, listening to this song, I found myself focused on the drumbeat above all else.  That's saying a lot considering the amazing, and beautiful Hammer Dulcimer music featured there.  Wow!

The revelation to me seemed to be that while music and life are beautiful, without a regular drum or heart beat they can get horribly off track.   A band can practice a song until they have it down pat, but if the drumbeat isn't right it can mess everything up.  It's the same way with our heart.  I don't mean the human heart.  It's to fickle and fragile.  I mean the heart behind what we do during our time on earth.

If God is the power behind the beat of our heart, then we have His strength to lean on in the bad, and praise  for all of the good.  But without God, and a beat, life and music will never have the meaning that they were meant to have.

Lord may all know the beauty, and joy, of the beat given to my heart through you.  Amen

Also, praise God for the life and heart of a dear aunt that went to be with God this last week.

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