Monday, November 22, 2010


Why does the pain of others,

So penetrate my heart?

I wouldn’t mind so much,

If there was a place that I could start.


I want to help,

I want to do.

I want to make

A big difference too.


But my hands are tied,

I do not know,

What they truly need,

God won’t you show.


Give me the knowledge,

Help me to see,

What it is, 

That begins with me.


Why do I pretend,

That I know what to do?

Humbly I concede,

I must give it to you.


I can’t speak in haste,

I don’t know it all,

I admit this to you,

I can’t keep walking tall.


For next to you,

I am small.

It’s your job to do,

I can’t do it all.

-S. G.



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  1. This is so well written--and I LOVE this post!
    thanks so much for sharing!