Friday, October 1, 2010

Someone Hurt My Friend Today (This Is Not About Any One In Particular)

Someone hurt my friend today,

Though I’m not sure why,

They made a tear run down her cheek,

That made me want to cry.


Someone said something,

That made her problems seem too small,

Or much bigger than they should have been,

They said something they shouldn’t have said at all.


Someone accused her of being something she’s not,

Or told her she should be more,

They did something to crush her tender heart,

They slammed a wounded door.

        - S. G.  (aka The Social Homeschooler), Copyright 2010


The tender heart of a woman was not meant to be trampled on.  Bless a friend today!

Lord, may all those who are hurting in the world know that they are cared about by you and others around them.  Amen

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