Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Mama Said There Would Be Days Like This

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 This has been such a crazy last couple weeks at our house.  The drainage from the kitchen sink and dishwasher isn’t draining.  We have boiler issues just before the cold season starts.  We way too many smaller projects demanding our attention.  And then there’s the children . . .

I love my children, and I love homeschooling with them.  It is a passion that we share as a family.  This week has been especially challenging though.  The little one has back molars coming in.  My biggest child (my hubby) and I are not getting a good night’s sleep these days.  The little wiggle worm in between us has something to do with that.  Her brothers are having a hard time settling down at night right now.  They stay up too late talking and whispering some nights, which of course makes for some testy moments during school.  We are working on making the time before before bed a more relaxing transition.

Transitions are hard.  There is no way around it.  All summer we stayed up late, and slept in.  There are days that sticking to a reasonable bedtime is a struggle.  Our little one’s bedtime needs hamper that.  But ultimately we need to buck up, and plow through.  We are the parents and that’s our job.  If we don’t hold our kids accountable to the rules that we set we pay for it in the end, and so do they.

Lord please help all of us to get a good nights sleep tonight, and bless us with an even better school day tomorrow.   Amen

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